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Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone


Computer & Technology Law Services

The Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone provides an exceptional background of legal expertise combined with industry experience. For those companies with a vested interest in Computer & Technology law, either as a supplier or user of technology products or services it is necessary to consult with a law firm who not only understands the technology, but also stays abreast of current trends and changes in the statutes, codes, case law and precedents being established to govern these issues.

The firm is suited to handle a wide breadth of matters:

  • Protecting software (copyrights, trade secrets, licensing)
  • Protecting intellectual/intangible property rights
  • Negotiating software development agreements
  • Licensing software and hardware
  • Drafting hardware purchasing and leasing agreements
  • Electronics and software patents
  • Developing distributor agreements
  • Negotiating joint venture agreements
  • Negotiating service, consulting, maintenance, and support agreements
  • Developing employment/non-competition/non-disclosure agreements
  • Litigating system performance and failed installation disputes
  • Obtaining trademarks and domain names
  • Representation in Internet jurisdiction matters

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