Business & General Law Services

Whether you are or seek to become a Partnership, Limited Liability Company (“LLC”), Sole Proprietorship or Corporation, the Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone can provide the legal guidance and documentation that you need. We have helped numerous businesses initially in this capacity and to complete your Brand , then subsequently in business contract and transactional issues.

Further, litigation can be a very costly approach to resolving business disputes. Given this reality, it is crucial to select a law firm that will develop an in depth knowledge of your situation and effectively represent your interests. It is also important for your law firm to be skilled in dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration.

For companies whose budget precludes in house counsel, the firm acts as general counsel. In this capacity, the firm develops an intimate knowledge of your company while providing proactive, cost effective representation.

The Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone represents clients in cases involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business related torts
  • Commercial fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Uniform Commercial Code disputes
  • Corporate and partnership disputes
  • Officers and directors’ liability
  • Commercial collection
  • Trade secret and unfair competition
  • Trademark disputes

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Although the orientation of the practice is to resolve disputes without litigation, the firm has the experience and capability to be effective advocates for you in the courtroom.The Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainonesuccessfully minimizes clients’ litigation costs by developing realistic case budgets and pursuing results-oriented litigation strategies.