Trusts and Estates

Without question, estate planning must be addressed by all families. The long-term security of a spouse, children, and other relatives or close friends is too important to leave estate issues to chance. However, individuals often perceive the estate planning process as confusing and difficult, and therefore are reluctant to attempt it.

The Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone, PLC takes the mystery out of estate planning. After carefully assessing a client’s particular situation and concerns, the firm structures and implements an estate plan that is individually tailored. This combination of a personalized plan, prepared by an experienced professional, results in a final product in which you can have confidence.

Estate Planning

The firm provides a complete spectrum of estate planning legal assistance, including:

  • Will preparation
  • Drafting revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Ensuring security of minor children
  • Minimizing taxes on family wealth transfers
  • Contingency planning for physical or mental incapacity
  • Evaluation of life insurance needs
  • Structuring gifts to family and charities
  • Organizing succession of a family business


When loved ones have passed, many questions are left unanswered as to the proper process and protocol to administer their estate. The Law Offices of Dominic E. Rainone, PLC provides professional and expeditious administration services, whether Probate or Trusts, whether dealing with creditors or beneficiaries and heirs, or government agencies, saving the client time and money, and ultimately resulting in clients receiving their inheritance sooner.


In the event that court intervention is necessary, the firm’s experience and expertise in estate planning and administration is invaluable in representing the client’s interest in matters involving:

  • Will contests
  • Trust disputes
  • Protecting beneficiaries’ inheritance and legal interests
  • Trustees breach of fiduciary duties
  • Removal of Trustees
  • Accountings

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